The Bailey Program has partnered with OptimizeMe Nutrition to offer nutrition content to subscribers. OptimizeMe Nutrition is authored by EC Synkowski, who holds an M.S. in Human Nutrition & Functional Medicine and is a Certified CrossFit Level 4 Coach (CF-L4). The mission of OptimizeMe Nutrition is to provide readers with educational resources and tools for them to find their optimal nutrition. The website is to help set the proper context for readers to understand nutrition physiology and its day-to-day application. The Bailey Program athletes have the nutrition goals of improving body composition, health and performance. This is best addressed through controlling food quality and quantity. The #800gChallenge® (below) and macros (right) achieve these aims.

The 800 Gram Challenge (#800gChallenge®)
The 800 Gram Challenge (#800gChallenge®) is a tool to guide healthy eating. It provides a metric to evaluate “clean” eating. Participants eat 800 grams, by weight, of fruits and vegetables each day. The user decides which fruits and vegetables to include and can weigh them cooked, canned, frozen or fresh. It is meant to be a daily challenge, continued indefinitely to help users hit those recommended servings of fruits and veggies associated with better health.

OptimizemeNutrition Macro Calculator

Macros, short for macronutrients, is a diet to control quantity. Athletes way everything they eat to hit certain protein, carbohydrate, and fat gram targets each day. Use this calculator to determine your targets!

Clang Coefficient

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Total Calories

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DISCLAIMER: This is for general education and information only. This is not to treat or diagnose any medical condition. Individuals starting a new diet and/or exercise regime should first talk to their qualified health provider.

1) Your results may vary. These macros, like all macros, are based on a generic formula which can be a great starting point. Due to factors like genetics and athletic capacity, it is impossible to exactly predict the “perfect” macronutrients for any one individual. Nevertheless, establishing a consistent level of energy intake is the first place to then be able to make meaningful changes.

2) The macronutrient split is standardized to 40% of calories from carbohydrates, 30% of calories from fat, and 30% of calories from protein. This is a good approximation for athletes following Dan Bailey’s GPP and Competitor programming. Athletes with higher volume and/or competing in longer duration activities may need to tweak the ratios.