Flow – 52221

Flow - 52221 2

Landing Training:
Vertical Jump and soft landing x 5
Broad jump and soft landing x 5
1 Leg vertical jump and soft landing x 4 each
1 Leg broad jump and soft landing x 3 each
*Rest as needed between sets

Workout Notes:
For this workout you can use any of the following pieces of equipment:
Sandbag, double dumbbells or kettlebells,

50 Strict pull-ups OR 100 bent over sandbag row
*Every time you drop from the bar or sandbag, perform 30 walking overhead sandbag lunges (15 each leg)
*Scale to a front rack OR back rack walking lunge if needed
*If you cannot perform strict pull-ups perform ring row’s OR a banded strict pull-up if available

Sandbag carry 800m
*Carry any way

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